Do It Your Coconut Rope Craft: Making Table Hot Pad

Coconut rope craft – Made with a good quality new rope, woven or sewn rope mats not only last a long time, but also look beautiful placed on tables as heating pads or centerpieces, vertically as wall coverings, or as unconventional bench or chair covers.

A hand-stitched 18 mm diameter coconut reroll produces a Spiral table mat about ten and a half inches (27 cm) in diameter. Rope mats can be nicely made from hemp, coconut cord, or even cotton cord, although the latter will not be very practical unless intended as a purely decorative piece.

Although the pattern is simpler than woven carrick or kringle rope mats, the construction is just as time-consuming: the ropes are sewn together with hemp thread using a sailor’s palm and neatly finished with a sail whip.

The Step How to Make Coconut Rope Craft Table Hot Pad

It’s simple – all you have to do is start with a tight roll and use your hot glue to hold the rings in place about every 3 inches or so.

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My first step was to gather the supplies I needed:

  1. Coconut rope (several sizes)
  2. Circular Styrofoam
  3. Hot glue

Continue wrapping and gluing (make sure your rope is on a flat surface) until the bottom of your rope reaches a diameter of 14″ (35.5 cm).

Add a final bead to the endpoint to hold it in place and you’re done!

I think it takes about 5 minutes per the placemat.

A 30-foot cord and about 4 glues will make a 14-inch re-charger.

So light, so nautical, so fun but….

if you plan on leaving your placemats outside or if they get all wet – get WARP!

Not a few bends – bends that are significant and useless.

And …… they stink.

Wet coconut rope does not have a ‘pleasant’ smell. I would place it more in the arena of the smell of wet lamb.

(Found it after a rainstorm).

The only way to keep your charger from warping is to sew it in place. You will need clear thread – along the line – and sew in and out between the coils and then out again to keep the charger in shape.

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I recommend at least 4 rows of stitches from the outer edge, through the center, to the opposite edge (and back again to tie) if you want your laces to stay flat.

Or you can make sure they don’t get wet

I love them – they add texture and atmosphere to the table, and they’re not expensive or even time-consuming to make.

I’m glad I tried and I’m glad I have it – let you try the coconut rope craft table hot pad in your home.

Good day!

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