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The Blizzard of 1978. The accumulated snow is actually melting also it looks that the worst of winter’s wrath is behind you.

Though this winter time was not too overwhelming, Dayton is not any stranger to severe climate. The most known is probably the Blizzard of 1978. In January and March of 1978, a few three storms smack the Miami area. From in excess of three ft of accumulated snow dropped in Kansas together with 50-60 miles per hour wind gusts created snowdrifts as deeper as twenty-five base. Over a foot of snow dropped on January 26 th by yourself; accurate documentation that nevertheless appears while the single best snowfall in a 24-hour duration. Automobiles parked along side road were buried with their roofs from inside the snow and remained stuck for several days and any residents shed electricity. The sum of the snow accumulation was over 40 ins in Dayton, completely closing down the region. In cybermen a few components of their state the snowfall stayed until very early May.

Interstate 75 through was shut approximately four era, Dayton police made use of volunteers to greatly help dig out stranded drivers and carry those without capacity to local shelters setup at schools, churches and municipal houses. The situation became therefore serious that Gov. James Rhodes summoned the National safeguard to aid bring materials and recovery those caught into the snowfall. National Guardsman Len Dunaway of Dayton said, “The wind had blown accumulated snow so very hard that even vehicles with the house windows folded right up had been filled up with snowfall. We had guys on expressway with icicles to their faces. I’ve seen films about blizzards but nothing beats this.”

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