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Become Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez online dating again? Truly, the solution isn t even vital.

Low-rise trousers become cool. The cicada brood is actually growing from soil within the mid-Atlantic. Tim Tebow has been finalized. And aˆ?Bennifer,aˆ? the greatest star portmanteau, is generating tabloid statements. No, the year is not 2004, though youaˆ™d become forgiven for assuming very. Itaˆ™s 2021.

As with all social phenomenon aˆ” particularly a celebrity one aˆ” the Bennifer discussion says more about united states than it does about all of them.

But where low-rise denim jeans need drawn ire from majority of the actual Online millennials exactly who arrived of age while in the aughts and lived through its numerous fashion-based traumas, Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleckaˆ™s wonder reunion aˆ” they hung around at their house in L. A.! They continued a weeklong holiday to Montana! aˆ” has actually largely started met with wry delight.

aˆ?Spring is sprung and Bennifer is back infant,aˆ? tweeted British creator Bolu Babalola.

aˆ?If Tebow has returned and Bennifer is simply too, should I be 21 once again?aˆ? quipped ESPN number Dianna Russini.

Matt Damon comments on pal Ben Affleck being seen with Jennifer Lopez

Millennials in particular seem primed to get maximally entertained by the thought test of an occasion loop triggered by Affleck and Lopez. Consider the appropriate tweets:

Nearly 20 years after, we now have renegotiated our collective connection with celebrity news.

Since Bennifer 1.0, weaˆ™ve experienced two damaging financial crises, interminable battles, a revival of white nationalism, four many years of Donald Trump, and an international pandemic.

dc-washington-dating review