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Bulgaria guys if you are taking a look at matchmaking people of a separate nationality pt 10

  • Yoghurt (kiselo mlyako) is really popular. It may possibly be put into main dishes (especially the liver founded or with minced animal meat), consumed as a treat, or blended with drinking water in a drink called ayran or ayryan.
  • Sirene (white brined cheese, just like Greek Feta) is actually a hugely popular component in Bulgarian cooking also. Salads in many cases are topped along with it, as well as being often added to soups and biggest meals.
  • Banitsa (in addition diminutival called banichka) is actually a normal Bulgarian ingredients made by layering filo pastry with different components. Cheddar is among the most well-known people, but there are spinach, potatoes, minced animal meat or kraut (in the winter weather).

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